Welcome to Higgston Baptist Church

Higgston Baptist Church is a Bible believing and Bible preaching church that seeks to keep the Great Commandment, while fulfilling the Great Commission. We’re glad you’re visiting our web-page, and we invite you to be our guests in person! You’ll find us loving Jesus, while sharing His love with others. 


Time and Location


Sunday School @ 9:45

Sunday School is our weekly small group Bible Study. We have a class for all ages. Come study Scripture with us this Sunday! f you have any questions about a class or location please contact our Office Secretary.


Morning Worship @ 11

We would love to have you as our guest for our Sunday morning worship Service @ 11 A.M! If you have any questions about time or location please contact our Office Secretary

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

Berean Bible Study is our Wednesday night adult bible study. Berean comes from Acts 17:11. We would love to dig deeper into scripture alongside you! Children and Youth meet during this time as well.

Upcoming Events


Wednesday August 14

Students come join us for our back to school bash Wednesday August 14th! It will be a great time of fellowship, and digging into the Word! Food will be provided. See you there!