The Difficulty of Soul Winning

The more I learn, the more I am convinced that soul winning cannot be overemphasized. There is nothing more vital to the local church than seeing souls saved. However, soul winning is a task that requires dedication and work. Jesus commanded: “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled” (Luke 14:23). I love this verse because it illustrates the difficulty that soul winners may face. 

Christ commanded us to “go.” The New Testament is filled with commands for Christians to “go,” but it never commands the unsaved to come to church. The primary command in soul winning is to “go”. If we wait for them to come the church, we may be waiting forever. Inviting someone to church, though a great thing, is not soul winning. I assure you anyone that attends HBC will hear the Gospel; however, share the Gospel where and when you meet them. There is no reason for them to have to wait until Sunday to hear the Gospel. We do a lot of going in our day and age, so why not do a little going for Jesus?

Where should we go? Christ commanded us to go to the “highways”. This Greek word means: “road, way, or journey.” This is the same word Christ used to describe himself in John 14:6. This means go to where the people are. Get right in the middle of all the traffic and beg them to come to Jesus. We should go where the people already are. Your best bet for catching fish is casting where the fish are. 

Where else should we go? Christ commanded us to go to the “hedges”. Now in those times hedges were used as fences and pieces for separation. This means we should go to those who have been cut off from society, those that we do not think can be won. There is no one so deep in sin, that the blood of Jesus can not save. 

Stepping out in the midst of traffic, and seeking those cast out is not easy. Soul winning is difficult; however, please keep in mind that “His commandments are not burdensome” (1 John 5:3). I freely invite all to join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 as we are learning to be soul winners. It is not too late to get involved or to begin to learn to fulfill Christ’s commands. Dr. John R. Rice put it this way: “Every Christian ought to be a soul winner. Soul winning ought to be the main business of every Christian, as well as the main business of every preacher, every missionary, every Christian worker… One simply is not a good Christian if he is not a soul winner.” Are you being a good Christian? Come on! Let’s go to the highways and the hedges! 

Until He Comes,

Pastor Allen