Seven Days of Prayer in Preparation for Revival

Perhaps as your pastor I ask for too much, or maybe I ask too little. However, I strive to never expect more of you that I am willing to do myself. Furthermore, I strive to never expect more of you than what the Bible commands us all to do. I ask of you to please join us in praying for our revival. Let me remind you that we’ve given you a guide for every day until revival:

Sunday: Pray for Guidance and Boldness to Invite People

Monday: Pray for Bucky Kennedy as he spiritually prepares for the Revival. Pray for his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. 

Tuesday: Pray for Conviction for Believers that they will repent and be revived.

Wednesday: Pray for Conviction for Unbelievers that they will believe the Gospel and be saved.

Thursday: Pray for those that you’ve invited by name. Pray for them to be completely obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Friday: Day of Fasting. Pray for God to do a marvelous work in our church, so that it will never be the same after this revival.

Saturday: Pray that this revival will add to our church through letter and through baptisms. Don’t forget to visit or call those that you’ve invited and remind them about tomorrow.

All the great revivals of the past have come because of prayer. Without prayer we will have no revival. I ask of you to bathe this coming revival in prayer. I long to see God do an amazing work, and we need to ask God to do it! I’d love for you stop by the church, or simply call me on the phone and I will join you in keeping this commitment. I believe that prayer works, and I still believe that revivals are possible. What glorious blessings await us Sunday? Will you join us in using this prayer guide to prepare us all for revival.