Church Growth

There are several fads out now. I was in seminary long enough to read all the theories and trends that are a part of American church life. Of course most church desires to grow, though the motivations differ. It is sad to say that some churches do not want to grow, and by believing that, or stating that publicly and privately, they prove that they are really not a biblical church at all. Some churches believe that they must compromise the Gospel in order to grow. Some churches think that they simply need to gather sheep from other churches. While all, and more, of these methods are in practice today, none of them take the biblical model into account. 

The Book of Acts is the historical account of the early church between Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven and the Apostle Paul’s arrest and confinement in Rome. This God-breathing piece of Scripture is full of descriptions for the modern church. How did the early church grow? They had no other churches to steal from. They certainly did not compromise Truth. They follow Christ’s great plan: The Great Commission. They early church grew by evangelism. The early church had to do something scary: work. They went because they were sent. They had no quota to meet, but they faithfully shared the Gospel and people were saved. In Dr. Sheldon Smith’s on New Testament Soul Winning in the Book of Acts he writes: “If you are indeed a Christian, there is a Commission that requires you to look beyond yourself and see the eternal needs of others.” This Commission is found in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46-49; John 20:21; Acts 1:8.  Dr. Smith goes on to write: “You can live a good Christian life publicly and privately-and you should-but nobody will be saved by your silent witness.”

Church growth is done by intentional obedient evangelism. We want to the Lord to add to the church those that are being saved; however, this will not happen apart from evangelism. Many have joined our church from another church, and we welcome that; however, this is no substitute for soul winning. We can’t win those that have already been won. We must win those that are lost. We have just finished up a three part sermon series on the Romans Road. Let me encourage you to go back and go back via the website or app and listen to those if you missed any of them. We cannot overemphasize the importance of soul winning. Do you want to see Higgston Baptist Church grow? Then head out and seek and save that which is lost. If your soul winning skills are rusty, or non existent, then make Wednesday nights a priority and attend our soul winning class. You’ll be glad you did. 


Pastor Allen.